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Who we serve

We are in the Investment Advisory Business catering to high net worth individuals, Corporate Funds,
Employee Benefit Plans/401K, Endowments/Foundations, and Taft Hartley Plans.  We believe that
fundamentally picking the right stock is just half the equation.  Technical analysis is the other half of the
equation.  The services provided are very unique compared to other online investing services.  We do not
propose a "get rich quick" trading strategy and we do not pretend to have knowledge about a "Hot" stock.  
Instead, we focus on countless hours screening for stocks, researching their fundamentals and studying their
chart patterns.

Investment Approach

Our investment approach combines growth stock investing with a proprietary valuation and technical
discipline in an attempt to create portfolios of high quality companies that balance exceptional return
characteristics and prudent control of risk.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built upon two fundamental principles:
• Finding Growth Companies utilizing a proprietary valuation methodology
• Apply a technical discipline for Buy/Exit points


The portfolio consists of 30-55 stocks.  Position sizes range from 1% to 5% at cost.  Holdings will be spread
across multiple industries, but certain sectors may be over or under weighted based on fundamentals.

Sell Discipline

Stocks are typically sold when they become fully valued, overvalued, the fundamental outlook deteriorates,
superior alternative investments are found, technical deterioration, or the stock consistently under performs
the market/peer group.

Mr. Dane Chin is the Chief Market Strategist.  Founder of Stonehenge Capital Management, LLC since 2002.  
Prior, Mr. Chin spent 10 years at Prudential Securities.  From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Chin served as a Technical
Analyst at Prudential Securities Inc., working closely with Mr. Ralph Acampora, a nationally recognized
authority on Technical Market Analysis.  From 1990 to 1995, Mr. Chin was a Portfolio Manager for Prudential
Investment Management.  Mr. Chin graduated from New York University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science
Degree in Finance and Information Systems.  He has taught Technical Analysis at the New York Institute of
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